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Justify's Gran Grimoire 

This Grimoire is a collection of stories, experiences, and magick that has been conjured forth from the hands of yours truly Justify! Now these may be my original works but we must not forget the forces (corporal and non corporal) that come together to assist me in bringing forth these works into the waking world. 

My focus was to bring forth all the above to give you all more than just witchy products. I wanted to give you a story, have you walk through as if this was you, and have you experience the magick for yourself. Take what's been given to you and work with what you have individually or together. 

These tomes are just templates to activate the magick that is inside of you and stoke your internal flame of knowledge, curiosity, growth, discernment and more. The only limits are the ones you place on yourselves (or others have placed on you "aka" a hex/curse ;). Let these be the catalyst to your  never ending self discovery journey, let these be the spirits you work closely with to form pacts with and bring about the changes you so desire. I will always state the incantation from the "Spider-Man" Movies " With great power comes with great responsibility" - Stan Lee. 

Are you ready for the responsibility?

Do you want it?

*If the answer is Yes, then please continue if No then this may not be for you and that's okay it might be for you later or never.

Thank you to all that support my small business, as I do this not only for myself but to pass down the flame to you all that are yearning  for it with the full awareness of this power.

Antique Volumes
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