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Shadow Work Session

For my shadow walkers to discover and learn your shadow, empower you.

  • 1 hour
  • 60 US dollars
  • My Home

Service Description

Hello! fellow "Shadow Walkers" I see you are interested in shadow work?. For those who are new to the idea of shadow work let me give you a brief intro into this path. CAUTION! this path is only for those who are ready to take on the journey into the depths of your own shadows of your past. This may not be easy and will make you uncomfortable, you may re experience childhood trauma, feelings of abandonment, anger, sadness, etc. This is part of the process of rediscovering your shadow and becoming integrated with it, we are all whole and light is just as important as the dark and vice versa. We can not live without the day and we need the night so it is important to understand and create some compassion and love for your shadow as it is a part of you. You're experiences don't define who you are they create opportunity to grow in a situation if you are willing to see the lesson in front of you. Using this opportunity to empower yourself and live life from a more holistic pov will bring well needed balance in your day to day experiences. What can you gain from a Shadow Work Session? * Mental Clarity : about situations from your past that was traumatizing *Reconciliation : with loved ones from your past that was hurtful back then and left a wound. * Empower: yourself to embrace the darkness that dwells within instead of running away from it, integrate it and accept it own it, you can do anything. *New Relationship Opportunities: because you have been doing this work and embracing and understanding your own shadow you can do so for others, will lead to more deeper and more richer relationships. *True Freedom of the Self: liberation of what holds you back in life and just embracing this power to take responsibility and accountability for yourself and live your most authentic self. * Inner Child Wound Healing: Your family only knew what they knew from their ancestors and passed down, here is an opportunity to redirect these narratives about your family past, accept what was an learn from and rewrite a new helpful family life. * If you have any further questions please check out my blog on Shadow work or contact us and we will reach out as soon as we can, and welcome to a new whole you.

Contact Details

  • Orlando, FL, USA


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