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Wytches Syght Herbal Tincture  a formula crafted from herbs to enchance/activate the inner sight (wytches eye). Paired well with the other pieces in the collection such as "Chthonic Queen" and "Wytches Lungs" to enhance these abilities:

  • Spirit Communication
  • Clairvoyance 
  • Relaxation 
  • Meditation
  • Divination 
  • Psychic Development


How does it work?

You would take this internally by drop dosage (see below) when needed or intended to do workings, rituals, spells, divination, etc. This tincture assist the wytch/practioner to relax into themselves enough to better percieve the subtle energies around them and inside themselves. When we are tense or constricted it is usualy more difficult to percieve or work with our  inner vision to help us see more clearly and become more sensitive to the spirits all around us. Also in our dreams is a great way to commune and see said spirits that we may or maynot be contacting. This is when the boundaries between our world and the other become thin for contact.


How much do I take? Start with 1-2 dropperfulls and wait to see if you need more (give it sometime to kick in as we can be impatient when we are expecting a certain result instantly). This may be helpful to cultivate some patience and slowing down enough to perceive the subtle messages that are trying to come through. Sometimes we are not giving oursleves the space and time to do this and by cultivating a practice that gets us to slow down in ritual or reading tarot, tea leaves, scrying etc. 


*Kava Caution Just as a word of caution (not to cause panic), as funny as is that kava kava has been known to assists people who experience panic attacks often (or seldomly) to take the edge off enough to bring them back to a state that they can function rationally. Kava has some constituents known as kavalactones, that can (over prolong use) can build up in the liver and cause some discomfort and liver health issues. Just take sometime to do your own research and see if this is a fit for you?


*Also just saying you would have to be taking this everyday 3-4x a day for months to see this happen. I only really suggest working this tincture if you do have a panic attack or if you are on the edge and need a edge off to get into a relax state of being. So more for ritual, spell-casting, estatic dance, etc. 


*I would suggest if you are excessive with kava give it a break and switch to a gentler relaxing herb(s) for awhile such as Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Lavender, Ashwagandha, Oatstraw (milk oat tincture), Passionflower etc then come back to it after a week or so. 


Herbal  Energetics: Cool