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Wtyches Lungs Herbal Smokes  is a blend of herbs that are well-suited to assists in lung/respiratory support helps to move cattarh (exsesive build up of mucus in the lungs,nose, and throat which causes inflammation) out of the body by expelling it through coughing it up, or  blowing it out through the nose.


*Along with those helpful benefits it may assists the person inducing:

  • Sleep 
  • Trance States
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Divination
  • Astral Travel/Spirit Flight
  • Psychic Development 


*How many come in a pack?

Comes in a resuable tin case of 6 herbal cigs,they are hand rolled and burn slow and nice.


*How do they work?  

These herbs work togther by not only assisting  your body to rid itself of excess muscus build and dead waste, as well as relaxing the tissues allowing the toxins to flow out more easy. Along with the relaxing of the nervous system which can help fascilitate a state to allow vivid dreams if smoked right before bed, also lucid dreaming being able to control how you react or respond in the dream state. Spirit flight is also possible with this blend as it relaxes you enough to slip from your physcial form and into any form you choose to take (animal, etc aka shape-shifting). Also in any estatic dance ritual to help commune with said spirits you choose to work with, picking up the subtleness from their realm and can cross over more easy. 


*Herbal Energetics: Cool/Dry

*Organ Affinities: Respiratory Systesm/Nervous System

*Taste: Bitter/Earthy

*Tissue State: Relaxing


Wytches Lungs (Herbal Smokes)

  • Mullein,Lavender, Mugwort, Passionflower,Poppy, Wild Lettuce,  Scullcap, and Blue Lotus (when able to get ahold of)

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