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Wytches Familiar Suffumigation  is a blend of crafted  herbs and resins to appease, feed, and conjure forth spirits that are familiar to the wytch/practioner. 


How does this work? Can be strewn over hot coals/charcoal disk in a heat proof dish, this formula is a loose blend and can be pinched togther and made into cones, or make your own incense sticks with the powder for those who think outside the box. 


This blend is very appeasing to most spirits and can be burned to attract them into your space when you are conjuring them. As well as feeding them as they enjoy the smoke, paired really well with the "Poppets" as food for them to sustain themselves. For those that just like incense to get your own spirits grounded and centred this is really nice to burn right before ritual and meditation. 



  • Offerings
  • Grounding
  • Spirit Food
  • Conjuring/Attracting Spirits


Scent: Earthy, Musky, Sweet 

Wytches Familiar (Suffumigation)

  • Elderberry (when in season), Juniper Berry, Mugwort, Mullein, WhiteMusk, Oud, 

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