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Elderberries bloom throughout the spring and summer, but here in Florida we can enjoy their huge clusters of delicate white blossoms and bunches of delicious and nutritious berries all year long. 

The Elderberry plant is a very attractive, bushy shrub growing effortless from 6-12 feet tall in the ground or in containers. Elderberry plants respond well to pruning and its size and shape can be easily managed. Elderflowers a loved by pollinators and are a must have in any wildlife garden.  Both Elderberry fruit and elderflowers have purported healing qualities.


In European tradtions of folk-lore elder is said to be a witch that resides inside the tree, and to whom takes from her without showing respect and hunility will face certain ills and struggles to come. She provides nourishment,shelter and protection from those spirits who wish to cause harm. This is why its important to develop a relationship with the elder crone spirit and you have nothing to concern yourself with, as to she is to be a guardian between this world and the 'other'.


If you plant her in front of your home as a guardian and ask her everytime you harvest from her (maybe even give her offerings to leave under her tree) she will keep your home protected and provide nourishing berries and flowers for you and your family for years to come.


Important Notes: 

  • Don't consume the berries unless cooked down into a decoction,tincture or syrup first, this breaks down the cyanide (cyanogenic glycoside), that causes and creates nausea, purgative effects. 
  • The berries taken in doses long term as a prepared herbal medicine assitst in supporting the immune system to defend itself from viruses and pathogens. 
  • Protects the cell membranes from viruses penetrating,replicating and making new strains of themselves. This  shortens the duration of illness as the virus needs a host cell to replicate and hi-jack and make more.

Elder (Sambucas canadensis)

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