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What is a Poppet/Fetish:  A poppet or fetish is a doll, that is crafted by the witch or practioner to resemble as much of the target they are making it for, to bring about the changes the practioner so desires to manifest for the intended target.


They are also called spirit houses (just as our vessels are housing our spirits) this doll may be a vessel for your own spirits that you work with that you wanna give them a home a place they can come and go as they please. Spirits know that these forms are but temporal and can move in and out them at will. You must take care of these spirit houses just as you would yuor own, feeding them sacred smokes or tinctures (especailly if they have prefered offerings).Do cleanses for them as much as they need (or if the spirit does not like to bathe whos judging?),the practioner should know (if not then this is a good time to find out)  what they like and don't. 


I have a "Wytches Familiar Suffumigation" that is formulated to be a great offering smoke to burn and conjure forth most spirits and feed them (especially if they were once embodied spirits). 


How does it work?: 

Sympathetic Magick is the type of magick we are working with here, sympathetic magick is when you are doing a working where you want whats done to the "stand in" (doll) done to the other "real thing".  Though they are both real and thats the point, what you do to one it is done to the other and vice versa. 


As stated above the doll/poppet is crafted from materials

(that may or may not) be from the intended target, Example: such as if the witch/practioner wanted to do a lust working on a person(s) of interest. They would craft the doll with that persons undergarments or a piece of it (if they can get it if not thats fine). They can get a picture of them and sew it on to the doll and or their name, just something to tag the target to the doll by crafting and then you can speak your incantations over it with the tools to enhance the working of your intended purpose. 


Who is crafting them?:

By yours truly Justify! I will be handmaking each and everyone of them to the best of my abilites and will be doing my best to communicate with the orders as I can. Just wanted to say that unless previously discussed in the order, I will not be doing any conjure work for the dolls as I will only be crafting the dolls by the intended purpose and will leave the activations or ensouling to the client. 


*If you have any other questions please contact me individually*


* I have a blog post on more info on this subject "Wytches Poppet". 

* Also I have a DIY called "Poppet Power Workshop"  available in my shop

Spirit House's (Poppets/Effigies)

  • Feeding your Poppet(s) 

    You want to make sure that you are feeding you poppet as often as need be, so that the spirit that inhabits the doll fed to be able to continue carrying out the tasks you asign it to do. This is done with offering smokes (such as my "Wytches Familiar Suffumigation") or one you make special for the spirit you are working with. Or you can create your own herbal tinctures, or even leave food out for them to enjoy that may love. 

    Cleanse your Poppet(s)

    You can do this with Sacred Smokes make with herbs that are burned, infused into waters/oils for cleansing (such as Frankincense, Myrrh, Pine Resin, White Sage, Hyssop, Rue, Palo Santo) Keep in mind what plants/herbs that grow around you that you can harvest and use in your practice that are helpful for this task. 

    *Some spirits don't like to be cleansed or how often they are so just know who? and what? you are working with so you know how to take care of them. 

    Housing your Poppets(s)

    Giving them a place to rest and reside at while they come and go from their vessel (if spririts reside in them at all) to do the work that you employee them to do. This is just like when you come home from a long day at work you need a room to recharge and rest. This can be a small wooden box or a cozy space on your altar. Sometimes you can even just ask your spirits and see where they want to be as this is a great way to continue to develop a relationship with them.

    *Spirit Houses Coming soon*


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