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Chthonic Queen Conjure Candle is a candle that is carefully crafted to conjure forth the shades of the night, working with dead, ancestors, crossroad spirits (such as the dark mother and queen of night Hecate). Can be utilized in necromantic rites to bring forth the dead to communicate with and create pacts with to do workings for the practioner.


How does this work?

This candle acts as a beacon to those said spirits you want to attract and conjure them into space (also any spoken chants, evocations,invocations that are aligned with said spirits you may have will amplify this task). Keep in mind that not all spirits (if any at all) will appear in said space that you are conjuring them in through physical manifestation (such as an apparition). You may just feel them, smell them, sense them in some way or another that they may want you to know that they are here in your space. This is up to the wytch or practitioner to develop this skill, one way to do this is by just relaxing and being open to receiving the messages/communication around you. Check out this book by Jason Miller called "Consorting with Spirits" This is an amazing guide to develop your skills to better work with and perceive spirits. 


Why do you have Poison Plant materials in the candle? 

Great question! 

The reason for this option (as not everyone is suited or ready for these powerful wytching plant spirits) to give those who are experienced and or ready and willing to work with these powers the ability to do so. I will mention to heed caution to those who are curious about the Poison Plant Spirits to make sure you have a grounded need to work with them. They are not to be taken lightly (even to those who have been working with them for years). 


How can the Poison Plants be helpful in this candle? 

  • Conjuring the Dead
  • Hexing/Cursing
  • Offerings to certain spirits
  • Domination/Influence over target(s)
  • Protection Magick


* Recommended resource to educate yourself on these powerful spirits:

"The Poison Path Herbal by Coby Michael  

"Poison Prescritpions" by The Seed Sistas


*There is an option for those not ready yet for these spirits to omit them from the candle, this doesn't make the candle less potent in anyway just click "No" when you are ordering in Product Options. 



Chthonic Queen (Conjure Candle)

  • Elderberry (when in season), Hawthorn berry, Graveyard Dirt, Yarrow, Black Cohosh, Datura Seeds, Mandrake root, Henbane Seeds (if you choose this option). 

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