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Chthonic Decay Necromancy Oyl  is a necromantic infused oyl (oil) that is crafted with herbs,roots,bones,stones etc that are aligned with necromantic rites and conjuring the dead and communication with them. Can be paired well with any of the pieces in this collection (may also be worked with by itself). For those who are already developing a relationship with the dead, their ancestors, saint veneration, etc. 


How does it work?  This oyl can be used to anoint magical/necromantic tools, during your workings,You can use this oyl to scry into a bowl of water that can be used to see messages from the dead you care conjuring, (as well as yourself, just be mindful if you are getting the bottle with "poison plant material" that the constituents can enter into your body through transdermal contact and may cause undesirable effects). 

 Such as but not limited:

  • Hallucinations
  • Increased Heart Rate
  • Flying Feeling,
  • Warm/Hot
  • Dehydration 

*Make sure you are educating yourself with powers like this here are some resources you may enjoy to give you insight before working with this formula

* Recommended resource to educate yourself on these powerful spirits:

"The Poison Path Herbal by Coby Michael  

"Poison Prescritpions" by The Seed Sistas


*There is an option for those not ready yet for these spirits to omit them from the candle, this doesn't make the candle less potent in anyway just click "No" when you are ordering in Product Options. 

Chthonic Decay (Necromancy Oyl)

  • Elderberry (when in season), Cedar, Juniper berry, Charcoal, Graveyard Dirt, Vetiver Root, Snowflake Obsidian, Datura Root, Mandrake Root, Henbane Seeds. (if you choose this option)

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