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Wytches Poppets

*Trykster Poppet *

Poppets are vessels that are ensouled by the practitioner crafting them,now you ask "what is ensouled?" To ensoul a vessel there are a few different techniques that can be employed. The first one I can think of would be to write out what you want your poppet to do and stuff that parchement in the poppet and sew it up. Then you may literally breathe life into it with the same incantation you had on the paper while focusing on your intention (vision or will) and ask spirit to live within this vessel and carry out its intended focus.

Also you can assign a specific poppet to be a target (whether to heal or to harm is up to the practitioner some may say they are both the same depending on who you ask) a person or place/thing etc. Then get the name of said target and maybe even something from the target and add it to the poppet (like a piece of cloth, hair, finger nail etc). This makes it even more resembling them the more its like the target the more effect/influence it may have on them. Now the posiblilities are endless on what you can do with the poppet her on after that?.Some people doing bindings to bind the will of someone elses (if they were in harm or being bullied), you can bring someone closer to you maybe stuffing a poppet with love herbs and a lodestone and even your own body secretions (sexual fluids are often used in this type of working).

Whatever you end up doing with the poppet just know that with this type of power comes with great responsibility/accountability so whatever you do and whatever comes of this you must take this into account and own it. If not then things can go a lot worse for the practitioner and make things "right" (now I'm not telling you what to do with your magick) we do what we want with our free will. But just use it wisely because if you're not ready to take what's going to come with it then maybe rethink doing the work. Other than that do what you wilt and explore your power and if anything just take note of your process and the results and tweek as you go and what works and what doesn't. This is why it's a "craft" and your the artist/wytch/practitioner see where it goes and refine it over time and patience and mistakes are gonna be made and that okay, just take accounatbility for them and don't be so hard on yourself when you make them. You learn and move on and do something that works best for said type of working.

Crafting your own poppet out of whatever materials you have around thats what makes a wytch a wytch a magician or any cunning person is that they work with what they have and challenge themselves in tough spots. Also here is a small list of things that can be used to make your own poppets such as mud,clay,cloth,cookies,branches,etc some times if your laying a curse on someone you can curse the doll and bury/hide it at the said targets living place. Pins can be used with oils etc to affect specific areas such as for healing a headache using pins in the head as you pray,chant,incant over the area to heal this target from afar. You can even craft a poppet for you and make it look like you and do your own magics on your poppet, just be careful to not leave it laying around because you never know what or who may get ahold of it and then have access to you on such a vulnearble level and leave you open for things you may not want to happen.

In the end I hope you all have fun with this and see what you come up with and take mindfulness within your craft and learn from it and grow and cast spells. ;)

If you all have any questions please feel free to post a comment or message me directly.

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