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The Wytches Green House

The wytches green house is a project I have been working on for some time now where I grow my own herbs from start to finish, before I got into my practice as an herbalist I started growing my own herbs, veggies, and other plants. This came from the passion to live a more self-sustainable life where I can provide for myself the basic necessities of food and medicine without the expensive doctor visits and food cost on the rise. Since the COVID-19 outbreak I noticed more people gardening and getting outside because of the social distance and no one going anywhere. This I would say is a benefit from the pandemic, we need to learn how to provide for ourselves and I'm not just talking about working a 9-5 and getting a paycheck (this only works for the current capitalistic system we live in today) that we go to the grocery store and get our produce from. We have no idea what,where and how our food is grown and produced. Yes,it may be convenient but also adds up over time instead put the money and power back in your pocket by growing your own foods and medicinal herbs.

Also if you're able to find a local market and shop for your veggies,herbs,flowers,fruits etc. This also helps our neighbors to provide for their families and keep their business growing also sometimes less expensive than going to a big corporation with inflated prices. Also you know the quality of your food and medicine and how its grown which feels good and you feel powerful to say that you did this and that stokes your inner flame to be more self-sustained within your life teaches us to be more accountable and responsible which is where our true power lays. This is also why I called it 'the wytches green house' because one major aspect of claiming the title 'wytch' amongst many others is taking full accountability and responsibility for ourselves as wytches. This creates humility in and of itself which keeps us in balance and aligned with our power. We must first own this and tap into it through practice and our craft, I'm hoping that the plants you purchase through the green house can assist you in your craft and bring about your own power.

Build relationships with the plant spirits here and be open to the wisdom that they are ready to share with you. Fall in love with the magick that they bestow to you and make pacts with them and be ready to unlock more potential then you could have ever dreamed of. Its okay to say "I'm afraid of what will happen", taking a new journey to understand and step into your truest potential is scary especially if you have been told only what your are capable of by main stream society. Well are you just curious to see what there is more to you then what you have been told? Through plant spirit relationships you will all you have to do is trust and surrender to them and remain open to listen.

Thank you so much for reading this post and stay tuned for more to come and go check out the Green house and you may find even just one plant that may speak to you to take home and nurture and grow and learn together just who will it be?.

- Justify

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