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The Scapegoat and the Devils Advocate

Continued from "Confronting the Shadow and the Devil"

The Devil has always been this figure of some sort of monstrosity,vile,blasphemous and anything that is dark and evil with the world. So this is where I go into it with how its so easy to point the finger, blame an archetypal force that has taken a beating over the centuries since the rise of Christianity, historically the devil has been the scapegoat (no pun intended) punching bag for anything humanity has done that was evil and unspeakable. Now I'm not an expert and I do agree that there is a destructive force such as there is a creative force of nature. And the devil archetype has been ascribed to this force and unfortunately this is not the full truth. From the witches POV the devil isn't an angel that fell from heaven because he disobeyed God, the concept of the witches "devil" is much older then that story, the "devil" originally stemmed from a land spirit of the earth and has always been here, they govern over the forests and the flora and fauna of the land. The King of the Fae in folk witchcraft, govern the underworld and the local spirits that inhabit this land. Also having a Queen of Witches at his side or even being perceived as both feminine and masculine, a shape-shifter and trickster spirit of the crossroads, to be conjured and making pacts or relationships with these said spirits to gain power and sovereignty over said powers that are granted to the wytch or practitioner.

Now the "devil" (just like witchcraft) is not tied down to one thing or be put into a narrow box, the devil is a spirit of the wild and untamed, not domesticated just like witchcraft, this raw power is inherit in everything and is at first uncontrollable, through practice and effort and learning can be focused and directed to be aimed for a specific goal or purpose. This power that is gifted to the said wytch/practitioner at first may feel scary and frightening just as at first as when the devil is conjured may appear this way as well. But once realized that this power is something that we are birthright to from the get go and take the step through the flame and embrace this power it is no longer scary and neither is he. Just like how jumping into a pool your first time is intimidating but once you do it and embrace it at its fullest you are swimming and free no longer bound by fear and lack of personal power but instead chosen to embrace it. Then it feels so good and wonderful to do this on your own, your own power, your own skills, is the same through witchcraft. With dedication and practice and your own will you can achieve greatness.

The world in and of itself is frightening but we must not let these things stop us we must allow ourselves to explore the potential possibilities and just jump in and trust yourself. Doubt blocks this power from ever becoming its fullest potential Now its okay to acknowledge this block of fear and doubt but what would you like to do about it once you have acknowledged it? This is also where your power lays your ability to do something about it, through the craft I was able to realize this and gained so much more insight into myself and my weaknesses and make them my strengths. Witchcraft also is inherently vile and powerful, just like the plants and animals who have this power that are connected to it, its how you harness this power and direct it is what sets the tone of you as a witch/practitioner some will say well "curses are bad and you should not do them" are the same ones with no personal power themselves. Now I do agree slinging curses left and right might be a little too reckless and not for the sake because you can, just know why you are doing the curse or hex and is this something that is a necessary or is there another way? Witchcraft was created to be for the people who were oppressed and disenfranchised, giving them a way to navigate this challenging system that is set in place to do so for marginalized folks. For those without expensive western medicine, the herbs are here to bring healing as well as harming those that need it. Of the land and what the land provides and the local spirits can bring liberation and freedom to those who are subjected to enslavement of the systems that oppress this is a way that witchcraft came about.

The devil is a guide to his wytches or those that conjure them, giving us this liberation and power to abolish our oppressors. Forming relationships is my way of going about working with these spirits as they are not robots to do our bidding and have a consciousness as well and free will on their own. Treating them with the respect and dignity and giving offerings you will see much more then certain gifts and powers bestowed you form life long relationships with your spirits just as you would with your family and friends that you meet. Learning what they like and what they don't, also the devil is not just one spirit but many spirits. Anything that was not serving the 'church' was a devil, so Lucifer and any other adversaries "Satan" would be a 'devil' because they refuse to conform to the common collective of what everyone else is doing. Being an outcast on the edges and not understood, labeled as weird, or freak is the path of the wytch, for those who are called to this just embrace it and don't fight it because this is more harmful to you, find your power in it and allow it to be your truth if that what it is. You will see so much more and be free from whatever was holding you down and back before. You must dive into the depths and shadows/traumas of your past and embrace them and come out with the light between your horns and create a stance for yourself in this world of conforming sheep. Be you and embrace your Witch Flame!.

Would love to hear back and discussion on this topic please feel free to share hope this was helpful.?

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