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"When you start tinkering with nature ans reduce it to this one part and separate out the rest from the whole, then that is when we start running into issues of imbalances." - sajah popham

  Herbalism is a way of living,its a relationship with the plant ally's that we cultivate ourselves or that grow naturally around us. Its a support system that assists us in our evolution and healing as a individual as well as collectively. Bringing and restoring balance to our inner and outer environments so that we may live harmonious with nature.

Herbalism: About
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About Herbalism

We will be exploring the green path through a more holistic lens, understanding and forming relationships with them, how you feel when you make a herbal infusion and drink the essence of the herb. What you learn from the lessons and wisdom they bestow upon you,what they show you about your own unhealed qualities of yourself. Making a new friend and sharing your secrets with one another and bonding over how similar and unique you both are. Are you ready?

* Holistic Herbalism 

* Understanding Herbal Energetic's

* Herbal and Human Constitutions

* The Green and Red Anatomy 

* Cultivating Relationships with Plant Ally's 

* Growing Herbs Sustainably 

* Making Herbal Medicine 

* Materia Medica 

* Celestial Correspondences 

* + More to come

Herbalism: About Us

Meet Your Herbalist

"My number one mantra in life is to "help others help themselves" - Justify

To be an herbalist is to be of service to yourself and your community and the plants,developing your skills and relationships with the local plant spirits of the land. Learning and listening not just with your head but with your heart as the main organ of perception on this path. You will meet many mirroring instances of your own inner healing journey that needs to be done. 

This is where you hold most of your own healing wisdom is through your own direct experiences in healing yourself. Trusting yourself and your own competence and confidence to do the healing necessary, to obtain what is hidden deep in the wounds of your past and current self. The plants know how to act on our multidimensional bodies and restore balance to them, we must give our faith in them listen to the stories they share the magic they hold and lean into it with full acceptance and compassion.

Herbalism: About
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