Wytchcraft is a way of living, its visceral and empowering to the individuals whom walk this path. It is a path that is not for the faint of heart its dark and wild and dangerous. Those with a strong will and sharp focus can navigate the other-world with a stance. As a wytch we take an oath to the land in which we live in commune with the flora and fauna building relationships with them and the spirits of the land.


 About Wytchcraft

"Witches went forth in spirit forms unlike their physical ones" - Roger Horne

I will be sharing historical information,resources,as well as my own personal experience and journey down this crooked path. Just remember that there are no mistakes down this path just lessons to be learned some harder than others.  




*Relationship Building with Local and Non Local Spirits

*Flora+Fauna Spirit Conjure

*Planetary Sorcery (Astrology)

*+ More to come 


Tarot/Oracle Readings 


15 min ($30.00) 

Are you at a crossroads in your journey? Needing to get clarity on where your path is ahead of you? Relationships, Career, Health, Travel, are just a few paths that we navigate and they even intersect and are not so linear. Getting a reading grants you the ability to see the unseen and use this to advance down the path with a  deeper understanding and confidence with each step you take.