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My Story

My names Justify and I'm here to share with you a bit of my story of how I got into my craft and why its so important to me and might even resonate with those reading this. I have always been strange and unusual growing up and have always questioned everything I was told. Then I came out in high-school and I knew that would be me accepting not just myself as queer but also as who I really am deep down and its been a journey ever since. 

My first coming into my own spirit path was through Cartomancy, I got my first oracle/tarot deck and it was lift off from there.I always had my friends but I was always a loner I would got to the nearest metaphysical shop called "Avalon Beyond" and sit there for hours readings books an exploring all they had to offer (such as crystals,herbs,candles,charms,oils etc).I found where I belonged I ventured into many different spiritual paths all of them so helpful and exciting!. When I came to "Wytchcraft" that was when the bells rang and I knew this was my path nonlinear and always winding in and out like a snake.

I'm also a makeup artist and went to school at Joe Blasco back in 2010-11 and freelanced and worked for a counter,worked on many projects and met amazing people. Makeup was my first power as a wytch the power of glamour,shape-shifting,illusions, and any art form.

As my path curls around a new corner the green path was calling me and so I answered the call and went to school for "Clinical Herbalism" studying at "The Florida School of Holistic Living" and "Evolutionary School of Herbalism". I have learned so much going down this path it has done some deep healing in my own roots as I work with the plants on a deep intimate level. As I will forever be a student of nature and share with others the knowledge and wisdom the plants and my teachers have passed down to me.As I went deeper into my roots this is when I started my journey to the descent into my own underworld my own shadow, known as "Shadow Work" being able to confront my own shadow and look at the root cause of my own suffering and trauma from my past that I never wanted to look at such as religious trauma, abandonment, low self esteem, guilt, shame, anger etc. this journey is on going and always leaning into it and loving those parts of me that I have denied for so long has made me more stronger.

I come to realize that this path or any path you choose to take is messy and not perfect but so is life. The key is to know thyself and journey inward and discover more of you and always be curious, and be kind to yourself because no one knows what they really are doing we are all making it up on some level. You are the main character of your own story and you can rewrite it  anyway you so choose, acknowledge your past and reconcile to move forward in a successful future. Thank you for reading a small part of my story and as you explore more of my site you will see more and stay curious enough to see it through. 

- Justify 


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